Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Current WIP

So last weekend I played the first two acts of Kentucky Route Zero. Beautiful game! Part of the beauty comes from the minimalist art style-- everything is depicted using simple, vertex-colored 3D objects with clever lighting and composition. But I, being enamored with this game and the art, couldn't get out of my head what I thought the main character, Conway, looks like. So I made this sculpt:

A Work In Progress

So for a change of pace, I decided not to turn this one into a low-poly asset. Instead, my version of Conway will be posed and placed on a pedestal-- I'm getting myself more and more into the idea of sculpting for 3D printing and statues, and I think Conway would make an awesome one.

That said, still a bit more to do with him: I want to give him a big belt buckle as well as pose him as previously mentioned. I might even sculpt out the old dog that hangs out with him throughout the game, but I do have another project on my plate that I need to get back to. More on that in the weeks to come!

Anyway, hope you enjoy my imagining of Kentucky Route Zero's  Conway (thus far)! I'll definitely be updating the blog and Twitter and all the fun social stuff as I continue/complete this quick project.