Friday, June 1, 2012

Scott Campbell's Philosopher! IN THREEE DEEEEEE!

So things were a bit slow at work this week, and I've had a hankering to do a low poly, hand-painted character for a while now. Being a huge Scott C. fan, I found myself doing a speed model of his character, the Philosopher.



Model & UVs: roughly 4 hours
Textures: about 2 hours
Rig/Pose/Comp: 2 or 3 hours

This was a cool experience, as I was trying to mimic Scott C's brilliantly simple watercolor work, but all within Photoshop. I'd say it turned out fairly well using NKS3 for CS5-- a series of tool presets that mimic traditional media.

I might re-rig him at some point (this was just bound to a basic skeleton for posing), as my co-worker expressed some interest in animating this dude. That'd be cool to see!

Anyway, hope you enjoy!