Wednesday, October 5, 2011

20 minutes of Dyna-Speed!

I got some time at the end of my work day to mess a little more with DynaMesh and the Clay polish tools in ZBrush 4R2.

I love these tools! ILOVETHESETOOLS!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I made this! My first Impressions of ZBrush 4R2

So recently, Pixologic released ZBrush 4 R2, with a significanly enhanced tool called Dynamesh. The idea being that you can push the polygons of the current model as far as you possibly can manage, then redistribute polygons over the whole mesh to even out the distribution and allow you to continue to add detail. So far it's a really neat tool, but not without at least one caveat that I ran into in my first go.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Educational Games vs. Games as Education

          Recently my wife turned me onto a TED presentation (as well as an NPR interview) by Ali Carr-Chellman, an instructional designer and author who studies the most effective ways to improve the education system. Since this is my blog and not a college thesis, I'm going to take the easy route here and link you to her TED talk. It is a brief 12 minutes, and a very interesting take on the state of our education system in relation to boys' poor performance in the classroom.

          I will point out, however, that the main part of her speech was regarding the fact that studies have shown a great deal of gaming taking up boys' free time. Because of their alienation from school (for various reasons she discusses-- watch the damn video already!), boys would be far more likely to perform better in school were the curriculum based around  their general interests, gaming especially. 

          But that seems to be about where she stops. I mean, she does point out the fact that there are educational games out there, but then she talks about how much they suck.

          And rightly so.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lunchtime practice

Sculpted in about 50 minutes. I can see some areas to tweak, but It's pretty good overall, considering.

From The Backwater Gospel.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

20min Quick Eye Study

I did a quick sculpture study of an eye today.

About 20 minutes, from reference. I was also playing with a method for believable eyebrows. Kinda needs some work, but in 5 minutes and for a method I've never tried before, I'd say it isn't too terrible. Super simple too:

Standard brush for the big clumps, shrink the brush down and subtract from between the last lines you just put down, maybe add a bit on top to give them more of a peak, then Slash3 all over (in the direction of the hairs, of course) for the fine hairs. I think I just need to control the hair locations a bit more and I'll have a quick and solid method down.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chicago Tour De Fat 2011

So last weekend Mrs. Mann and I volunteered to help out at the New Belgium Tour De Fat here in Chicago. It was a lot of fun with nice people, great music, circus acts, a burlesque show, crazy-looking art bikes, and most important of all, great beer.

Check out my photo album to see the cool bikes and costumes