Monday, January 4, 2010

On a team!

So I've recently volunteered my skills to a start-up group of developers.

We're making a game that could best be described in a nutshell as "Team Fortress 2 meets Left 4 Dead." In other words, 4 players, each with specific skills that promote player cooperation, on a team versus waves of enemies in an arena-style environment.

I was named the art lead, so I'll be heading up the art development-- which will be no small feat, as the team wants the players to go up against steampunk armies in an art style similar to that of TF2.

I love the style and art of steampunk, but it is a difficult style to pull off. Too many cogs and steam and the object looks too fake, but too realistically mechanical and you lose the whole concept.

This is going to be an awesome challenge!

More as it develops.

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